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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
  I've Got A New Winter Olympic Sport...
... It's called "Broom-Hoist."

The setup:
  • Get a standard wood-handled broom. A regular broom, not the push kind.
  • Stand in about ten inches of nice, soft snow below a satellite dish mounted on the roof of a cabin.
  • Hold the end of the broom handle, bristles skyward.
    The goal:
  • Jumping up and down in place, use the broom to knock the accumulated snow out of the dish and off the 'bulb' in the fewest number of tries, while the wind and continued precipitation chucks ice water and lumps of snow off a 100-year-old, 120-foot-tall cedar tree directly above you. Extra 'style' points are gained for bizarre contortions in dodging getting hit in the face by the cedar tree's onslaught.

    I'm pretty sure I could be a contender; doing some intel on the Scandinavian teams is in order... Although those bastards probably have the snazzy heated disks and don't get the practice I do, so I could bring home the gold.
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